{September 6, 2007}   Simply to hot for SL

Yes, the Chillah family did it: The good bye party for Khady became much to hot for SL. Better than letting this sim simply vanish we crashed it with our wild dancing – and after it restarted now we try to melt the server down :))

Chillah family rocks SL


Final update:

Khady Freund

SL 30. December 2006 – 5th September 2006

RL 1965 – 7th September 2006

Loved and missed in both lifes



{September 6, 2007}   Chill out time…

Wow – breaking news:New fantastic sim is opened, come on for a dance, soon I will show you some art works in this poche gallery here, in between just listen to these great piano concerts ….

… this had been the news I wished to post here. Still I have a party invitation: Who ever finds his way to Chillah Island today 06. Sept. at 12 p.m., – 21 h Berlin time zone:



Have fun :)))

Never had enough time to meet Kahdy, strange that tears fill my eyes…

… dont miss it: One of the finest islands ever builded in SL – if you look into the details you even can hear Gaudi (who has inspired master builder Dub Legend) breathing – and a perfect party and chill out location (and yes, they have bats in the stalactite caves. But dont worry, they dont bite, they just show off when they fly around you).

As Kahdy’s health condition follows our worst fears, Chillah island is very soon to disapear. May be Jamaica is a better healing place to battle the cancer modern medecine cant cure. May be it needs not only a second, but another life to meet once.

Khady in both lifes

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