{August 29, 2007}   Being Nr. one

When ever you buy a new dress – of course you can’t be the only one to have it. But sometimes you can be the first on.

And yes, – I have to confess it gave me such a kick when Nicanor told me about her latest dress. Being the first one (beside of her, of course) to wear it – only 1 hour after it was finally finished and setup for sale – that makes me really feel special. Call me superficial – may be I am :P – but its a good feeling being Nr. one.

And its a good feeling dressing this wonderful gown. As it is Nicanors style, the magic of “Belle” is the way this dress softly follows your moves.

Get it at Details, dress it and feel special, too :))

Bella Mura dressed in Belle by Nicanor Millions


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