{September 6, 2007}   Chill out time…

Wow – breaking news:New fantastic sim is opened, come on for a dance, soon I will show you some art works in this poche gallery here, in between just listen to these great piano concerts ….

… this had been the news I wished to post here. Still I have a party invitation: Who ever finds his way to Chillah Island today 06. Sept. at 12 p.m., – 21 h Berlin time zone:



Have fun :)))

Never had enough time to meet Kahdy, strange that tears fill my eyes…

… dont miss it: One of the finest islands ever builded in SL – if you look into the details you even can hear Gaudi (who has inspired master builder Dub Legend) breathing – and a perfect party and chill out location (and yes, they have bats in the stalactite caves. But dont worry, they dont bite, they just show off when they fly around you).

As Kahdy’s health condition follows our worst fears, Chillah island is very soon to disapear. May be Jamaica is a better healing place to battle the cancer modern medecine cant cure. May be it needs not only a second, but another life to meet once.

Khady in both lifes


{September 5, 2007}   Chill out at Chillah

One of the nicest places in SL to chill out and relax is Chillah island, now open to the public. Master builder Dub Legend has created a medeterain world inspired by the arts or Gaudi. Fall in love while dancing in the tropical beach club or listening to a romantic clavier concert at the beach, enjoy the stunning view above from the hills or discover the secret caves for your private moments, enjoy art in the glamorous gallery or just shop in the posh mall. And when ever your love should have passed away, Dub always have a place free in her bar of broken hearts.



Thanks to dedicated preparations, the excitment of the ponys about their head trainers return and the dance fever the DJ inflamed – yes, this surprise party was the perfect event to be at!

Thanks a lot to Kumiko for making this very unique event come true.

All participants are entitled be given grades in Sports (equitation / skydiving).

And for all who have missed – look out for the Girls Second School Club sign. Only very special events will be offerd on personal invitation.

Girls Second School Club

Girls Second School Club – dedicated to the joy of being educated!

I always thought there must be a place like this.

And yes, I finally found it: The Bar of Broken Hearts!

At the moment, it is a secrete and inaccessible place for you – still there are soo many stories to be told in private.

But when done I will invite you heartly to open your broken heart at this magic place – hope we dont need a waiting list ;)

Bar of Broken Hearts

{June 17, 2007}   Maedcheninternat

— Update: Yes, Maedcheninternat has opend, and deep is over.

Girls Boarding School

This invite is way to cool not to share it with you, even if it’s an RL thing.

If you happen to be in Berlin and are looking for party galore (party, not personal interaction!), this might be the place for you. School uniforms are welcome, but not obligatory. Boys are allowed exceptionally. Music can be expected to be finest of progressive E-music – something in between DJ Hells International Gigolos and Peaches. And on weekends be ready to enter the underground as deep reopens its catacombs.

To get access IM or mail me (mura.tomsen(at)googlemail .com.)

Just for clarification: we wont meet there – inworld ever, outworld never. But if you find your way to maedcheninternat I would love to chat with you how you liked it and maybe how to bring something like this to SL.

et cetera