At Kumi’s first rented skybox it was only one prim missing so you couldn’t rez even a posing stand. At the apartment rented next it took three days to reach the prim limit. Having 2 skyboxes and one apartment and again reached the prim limit, my younger twin decided simply to expand the new skybox by taking over a neighbouring rental plot. After quadrupling it became clear that this isn’t the final solution. One the picture you see her after looting two further apartments last week.

Pirates of the prims

…today she started to furnish her additional, new 1/4 sim plot – I am pretty convinced it will have enough prims until the weekend will come. Scientists have forecasted that at the current expansion rate the whole SL grid will be taken over by Kumi before the end of this year. Therefore, if you meet my wonderful restless twin in world: please never ask her if she can rez a posing stand for you because you like to change dresses. She might take over your sim to get that one missing prim…


Nope, fun it wasn’t – not finding a way to enter into SL because the update didn’t work.

All seems to be fine for now… until next update may be?

Brian, thanx for your inspiration, I do the same: As a reward that SL is working again I remove one pin from my Lil Linden Voodoo Doll, but I’ll keep it handy and in close reach :))

Lil Linden Voodoo Doll

{June 27, 2007}   Lindens, cant make it work

:)))) Finally back to (Second) Life !


Hope this wont be my last message, but really cant find my way back home to SL. For sure it wont, still I am a optimist!

But if I cant make the update to go back you must know you all impressed me: how well you did here – Cad, your muscles really have grown when housebuildingg (and Saffron, allow him the pictures in your bed room ;) – and all you my other friends! Gosh, soo many names flooding me I never had enough time to be together with: Simba, Lil, Markus, Royalcharm, Peta, Yoko, gosh of course you Marek, nope – that’s by far only just a scratch of all the ones I’m thinking of right now – Regis, same as Secundus, you should really should scratch up your organization…

Thinking of all of you others even much more (Luinq, love to talk to you about Berlin & ballet, Thong – have you finally understood?…)!

So unfair having not enough time for all of you – and when I have, I am cut off from SL. This time it looks really grave – no idea how to make it work again.

Only Joy I have:

You know you are my two dearest friends – if this might be the last view I can get to SL so glad its to see you!

SL blues getting worse

Don’t know any way to send messages inworld – if you see this and have an idea what I can do to come back home – mail mura.tomsen at – dream a lot about you :)

Nope – cant tell you…

Soooo much f…. I am! Again, SL is not working. From time to time its even fun – like being dressed in Holo Designs, or discovering that secret St Andreas cross in our nice neighbours house – simply because whole house is gone due to SL bug. But in general – no! The SL bugs drive me crazy. Gosh – have become sooo much attached to this new world and its wonderful residents…. and some of them are very special to me, making me dream day and night :)

After being cut off from SL for some days all I want is to meet my dearest friends. Again you Lindens had another fancy update. It’s not working – cant find my way home to my friends in SL.

So f…..d I am! Can’t stand it any more: Your great visions on better graphics, voice, age and gender verification, and kicking out all non mature content! All I want you to do is making it work! This world is fine – if you can improve it – the better. But you can’t!

Sooo much annoying it is. Just look by yourself: my PC is telling me new download is not working – may be firewall. HaHa – have killed firewall some reboots ago! SL still doesn’t want to update. Sorry, I am not an IBM or Linux professional to find out a work around. But believe in one thing: I am a Fashionista. And if you come from Linden Lab – in which life ever (Rl would be best!): I will fashion’ize you down to ground – even in toilet you will feel dressed inappropriately! But that’s not what I want – I want to meet my dearest friends – so please, you Lindens, don’t think about fashion, don’t think about fancy not working new ideas – just make SL work again for me!

SL doesnt want to update

We all know Linden Lab is doing it’s best in improving and cleaning up Second Live.

After banning gambling and child play, Daniel Linden outlined in his official “Keeping Second Life Safe, Together” post that there is much more work to be done, still.

Thanx, Robin Linden, that you made your point clear during your offical office hours: “When faced with an opportunity to create a new world where things are supposed to be better, do you think there’s a place for slavery, forced sex, and the like?”.

But pleazzze, get ready quickly with all that Gorean communities, BDSM groups, Forced Fantasies and Military Role Plays. And to be on the safe side, I would recommend banning animal looking like avatars (you know – Furries, Nekos, Ponys and all this unnatural kind of things), partnerships between same gender and unmarried sex.

And than, pleazzze, concentrate on further improving SL with new gadgets. The new new gender verification system? Great idea, but why not getting one step further and giving the avatars a real photo realistic look – with real life face for better identification reasons?

Pompo Bombacci gives as a preview to this brave new SL world in his You Tube video:

For the very few of you who aren’t convinced by this outlook – you can sign up the open letter of “United Protest“. 

{June 3, 2007}   Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Stupid WordPress blog – this is NOT my first blog. “Hello Fashionistas” is my very first blog. This blog here was given to me by WordPress.

Blog, shall I delete you for being that stupid?

Do you think I like it that you make every body think this here is my first blog?

Better behave, you silly blog you, I tell you!

et cetera