{September 6, 2007}   Simply to hot for SL

Yes, the Chillah family did it: The good bye party for Khady became much to hot for SL. Better than letting this sim simply vanish we crashed it with our wild dancing – and after it restarted now we try to melt the server down :))

Chillah family rocks SL


Final update:

Khady Freund

SL 30. December 2006 – 5th September 2006

RL 1965 – 7th September 2006

Loved and missed in both lifes



{September 6, 2007}   Chill out time…

Wow – breaking news:New fantastic sim is opened, come on for a dance, soon I will show you some art works in this poche gallery here, in between just listen to these great piano concerts ….

… this had been the news I wished to post here. Still I have a party invitation: Who ever finds his way to Chillah Island today 06. Sept. at 12 p.m., – 21 h Berlin time zone:



Have fun :)))

Never had enough time to meet Kahdy, strange that tears fill my eyes…

… dont miss it: One of the finest islands ever builded in SL – if you look into the details you even can hear Gaudi (who has inspired master builder Dub Legend) breathing – and a perfect party and chill out location (and yes, they have bats in the stalactite caves. But dont worry, they dont bite, they just show off when they fly around you).

As Kahdy’s health condition follows our worst fears, Chillah island is very soon to disapear. May be Jamaica is a better healing place to battle the cancer modern medecine cant cure. May be it needs not only a second, but another life to meet once.

Khady in both lifes

{September 5, 2007}   Chill out at Chillah

One of the nicest places in SL to chill out and relax is Chillah island, now open to the public. Master builder Dub Legend has created a medeterain world inspired by the arts or Gaudi. Fall in love while dancing in the tropical beach club or listening to a romantic clavier concert at the beach, enjoy the stunning view above from the hills or discover the secret caves for your private moments, enjoy art in the glamorous gallery or just shop in the posh mall. And when ever your love should have passed away, Dub always have a place free in her bar of broken hearts.



According to the forecasts all is well on schedule. You know – these forecasts that predict that at the current expansion rate whole SL will be taken over by my restless twin Kumi before the end of year. Of course the two week old 1/4 sim finally turned out to be nothing else but a temporary occupation. All looked fine in the beginning – and it was! But something is always missing, isn’t it? May be it’s a tree house. Ok – you got me – it was a tree house. That really didn’t fit any more to the mall, the skyboxes and else. It always comes by accident, but when Kumi saw that tree house it was bought. Bad enough for the 1/4 sim that very soon became history…

A tree house, and half of Hawaii

Don’t get it wrong: the new sim is not exclusively devoted to the tree house. A modest beach hut, skyboxes and even some jet skies also find their place here. And not to forget this Hawaiian island Kumi imported from RL.

There is only one thing: This little photo studio. Just for taking some modest modelling snapshots. Wouldn’t it be much nicer with a bigger background? A much bigger one? For taking pictures with a really dramatic perspective? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some more space for that …?

Promise, when ever you meet my wonderful restless twin: Never talk to Kumi about missing prims. And never talk about “having not enough space”. This Hawaiian island she imported from RL should be enough for this week ;)

“ I still cant believe our luck – what a coincident! If I haven’t bought that picture, contacted the seller because of a problem, heard by chance the seller talking of a party, finally ended up there and met you…”

To me the coincident wasn’t the smaller. I was cut off from SL nearly the whole day. After endless hours of trying suddenly for party SL was gracious and let me in and we met…

Heart, broken

Two days we lived in dreamland and I still cant understand how fast our attachment grew, how deep it could become out of the nothing. So sorry you opened the innermost of your heart that much – and that I couldn’t give you the commitment you needed. Watched you closely as you left, when you changed your profile – and finally left SL. Where ever you are, what ever you do right now – take care, hearts are vulnerable. I know, as our feelings were mutual.

{July 25, 2007}   Privat preview on the catwalk

Isn’t this always one the most exciting moments:

Meeting a designer in the midst of getting a brand new collection ready? Of course I couldn’t resist to join modelling on the catwalk when Nicanor Millions showed us her latest style.

On Nicanor’s catwalk

Yes – this subtle but yet very female business skirt just blew me away! Unobtrusive at the first glance – but you cant turn your eye off when you see how wonderful the laces follow the movements. Cant await to see the whole dress getting ready soon. And I bet: Nicanor cant await it, too. Just look how she blused when we recommended doing some fashion videos :)

Nicanor blushing a bit when we complimented on her new design

At Kumi’s first rented skybox it was only one prim missing so you couldn’t rez even a posing stand. At the apartment rented next it took three days to reach the prim limit. Having 2 skyboxes and one apartment and again reached the prim limit, my younger twin decided simply to expand the new skybox by taking over a neighbouring rental plot. After quadrupling it became clear that this isn’t the final solution. One the picture you see her after looting two further apartments last week.

Pirates of the prims

…today she started to furnish her additional, new 1/4 sim plot – I am pretty convinced it will have enough prims until the weekend will come. Scientists have forecasted that at the current expansion rate the whole SL grid will be taken over by Kumi before the end of this year. Therefore, if you meet my wonderful restless twin in world: please never ask her if she can rez a posing stand for you because you like to change dresses. She might take over your sim to get that one missing prim…

{June 23, 2007}   Moody back from space

Friends have shown me an article in an italian lifestyle magazine. Yes, it is true: Women have better sex in space! While men seem to encounter some “mechanical” problems (guess you know what I am talking about ;) for women the level of hormons gets up wildly – with all side effects :)

So be prepared next time when Moody comes back from space. And boys, non of your lame excuses about “mechanical or mental difficulties” will help you when Moody comes that close to you like on the picture: She can unzip her fancy space suit faster than you can run!

Moody back from space

{June 5, 2007}   Big on TV

Yes, it is right: my lovley twins sister Kumi is smaller than me.

No, she isn’t that much smaller so that she would have to look up to me like on this picture:

Looking up

We are just 1 inch apart …… but Kumi loves TV.

And when Kumi loves something – she does it right.

And she loves TV – BIG TV!

Just look how cute it looks seeing here watching TV:

Big on TV

et cetera