{August 29, 2007}   Being Nr. one

When ever you buy a new dress – of course you can’t be the only one to have it. But sometimes you can be the first on.

And yes, – I have to confess it gave me such a kick when Nicanor told me about her latest dress. Being the first one (beside of her, of course) to wear it – only 1 hour after it was finally finished and setup for sale – that makes me really feel special. Call me superficial – may be I am :P – but its a good feeling being Nr. one.

And its a good feeling dressing this wonderful gown. As it is Nicanors style, the magic of “Belle” is the way this dress softly follows your moves.

Get it at Details, dress it and feel special, too :))

Bella Mura dressed in Belle by Nicanor Millions



According to the forecasts all is well on schedule. You know – these forecasts that predict that at the current expansion rate whole SL will be taken over by my restless twin Kumi before the end of year. Of course the two week old 1/4 sim finally turned out to be nothing else but a temporary occupation. All looked fine in the beginning – and it was! But something is always missing, isn’t it? May be it’s a tree house. Ok – you got me – it was a tree house. That really didn’t fit any more to the mall, the skyboxes and else. It always comes by accident, but when Kumi saw that tree house it was bought. Bad enough for the 1/4 sim that very soon became history…

A tree house, and half of Hawaii

Don’t get it wrong: the new sim is not exclusively devoted to the tree house. A modest beach hut, skyboxes and even some jet skies also find their place here. And not to forget this Hawaiian island Kumi imported from RL.

There is only one thing: This little photo studio. Just for taking some modest modelling snapshots. Wouldn’t it be much nicer with a bigger background? A much bigger one? For taking pictures with a really dramatic perspective? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some more space for that …?

Promise, when ever you meet my wonderful restless twin: Never talk to Kumi about missing prims. And never talk about “having not enough space”. This Hawaiian island she imported from RL should be enough for this week ;)

“ I still cant believe our luck – what a coincident! If I haven’t bought that picture, contacted the seller because of a problem, heard by chance the seller talking of a party, finally ended up there and met you…”

To me the coincident wasn’t the smaller. I was cut off from SL nearly the whole day. After endless hours of trying suddenly for party SL was gracious and let me in and we met…

Heart, broken

Two days we lived in dreamland and I still cant understand how fast our attachment grew, how deep it could become out of the nothing. So sorry you opened the innermost of your heart that much – and that I couldn’t give you the commitment you needed. Watched you closely as you left, when you changed your profile – and finally left SL. Where ever you are, what ever you do right now – take care, hearts are vulnerable. I know, as our feelings were mutual.

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