{July 25, 2007}   Privat preview on the catwalk

Isn’t this always one the most exciting moments:

Meeting a designer in the midst of getting a brand new collection ready? Of course I couldn’t resist to join modelling on the catwalk when Nicanor Millions showed us her latest style.

On Nicanor’s catwalk

Yes – this subtle but yet very female business skirt just blew me away! Unobtrusive at the first glance – but you cant turn your eye off when you see how wonderful the laces follow the movements. Cant await to see the whole dress getting ready soon. And I bet: Nicanor cant await it, too. Just look how she blused when we recommended doing some fashion videos :)

Nicanor blushing a bit when we complimented on her new design


At Kumi’s first rented skybox it was only one prim missing so you couldn’t rez even a posing stand. At the apartment rented next it took three days to reach the prim limit. Having 2 skyboxes and one apartment and again reached the prim limit, my younger twin decided simply to expand the new skybox by taking over a neighbouring rental plot. After quadrupling it became clear that this isn’t the final solution. One the picture you see her after looting two further apartments last week.

Pirates of the prims

…today she started to furnish her additional, new 1/4 sim plot – I am pretty convinced it will have enough prims until the weekend will come. Scientists have forecasted that at the current expansion rate the whole SL grid will be taken over by Kumi before the end of this year. Therefore, if you meet my wonderful restless twin in world: please never ask her if she can rez a posing stand for you because you like to change dresses. She might take over your sim to get that one missing prim…

One of the things that really has to improve in SL is – guess what? – makeup of course!

“Uuh what!” you may say now, “there are already such fantastic make ups around!”. Yes – and no. Yes, there are fantastic looks. But no, they aren’t makeup’s, they are variations of a specific skin. Do you have any idea how long it took me to find my skin?

My skin

Several weeks, I spend a multiple on skins than on my land (now you know why I am always broke!) , had three nervous break downs in between… and now I have the skin that’s perfect for me. It comes with 6 makeup’s – of whom only 2 I like. I would love to change makeup – but only makeup, not my whole skin!

May be dreams will come true – the dream that you can change your makeup as easily as changing a shirt, without having to switch to another skin (and personality)!

Designer Alaska Metropolitan reports on her blog about a proposal to improve avatars by adding a additional layer between skin and cloths. You could easily introduce tattoos, makeup’s or sun oil without interfering with your skin or cloths.

If you want this fashion dream to come true vote for it at the SL Issue tracker!


Thanks to dedicated preparations, the excitment of the ponys about their head trainers return and the dance fever the DJ inflamed – yes, this surprise party was the perfect event to be at!

Thanks a lot to Kumiko for making this very unique event come true.

All participants are entitled be given grades in Sports (equitation / skydiving).

And for all who have missed – look out for the Girls Second School Club sign. Only very special events will be offerd on personal invitation.

Girls Second School Club

Girls Second School Club – dedicated to the joy of being educated!

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