OMG – these Texas crowd knows how to make a party rock!

Dozens of art invitations, but only the “Demolition Party” really allured me. They do art, but Texas style. Their art sim didn’t worked the way they liked – guess what they did? Right – they blew it up – down to ground. Very good art – “creative destruction” style… naive lil Mura had nooo idea what they really where up to!

When party started – 6:30 pm PDT sharply – mysterious SL Holo bug designs hit me again. Harsh style switch from “army babe outfit” to been covered in the design of the invitation card, I felt really pissed.

Being invited

All friends had a good laugh! 30 sec later a massage appeared “sim will restart in 2 min” – so I left my friends and tp to the party – just because it was the next tp I had in reach. Guess what? Nothing! At party, nobody was. trying to tp back – no way.

Demolition designs - even pics are shaken

All friends disappeared from friends list or didn’t get my IM’s. SL was completely on restarting and I felt like its only resident being stuck and lost – enough time for nice modelling photo shooting as my dress matched perfectly with the place. I fact, I felt bad – I was sooo much dressed to impress – nobody could oversee how perfectly my outfit matched the place – but there was nobody to see it.

Finally IM’s got through, I managed to tp home just to see the demolition the Texas artist had promised: Impressing. At home – all furniture had gone. I went out…

terrace has gone…

ups, quite bad – we have a sky box with “no fly” activated…

after falling down several 100’s meters, I saw the demolition promised: most houses gone – you won’t believe what our kind neighbours have in their homes! Won’t tell you who had this St Andreas Cross – and about the other toys ;)

Next time Texas artist invite you to a party: Join, but be ready for what ever might come – they are just peforming art :)


Yes, I confess:

I have heavyly overspended, here in SL.

And yes again: I can’t stop it.

Honey, to make it very clear to you: I need your money!

Fast, easy, and much – much money. And please, no hassle at all.

That’s why I am in ART. Understand? I make piece of art – you buy it – I get rich. Easy, isn’t it? I am always great in inventing new business concepts, you must know :)
Only one obstacle I had to overcome: I can’t make any art. You understand? It’s a bit tricky to have no art at all and wanting to seel it outrageously expencive.

Didn’t you get it? My proplem is not the high prices I will charge. My problem is that I simply have no ART at all to sell very expencive.

Don’t worry: Mura always finds a solution. I simply invented ART! A new form of it – very easy, everybody can do so :))

KArt – thats my new, radical, creative form of ART. It’s a SL thing, you must know – in RL I never would be able to make any ART at all!

So, now I had found this great new ART Style – KArt! Again, a problem showed up. What to do with this new ART style?


It is not enough just to have a new ART style. I can’t go to you saying: “Hi, its me, Mura – I have a new ART style – now give me your money, pleaaaze!”

I have to do something with it.

Don’t worry – Mura always is great in having great ideas!

I doent invent anymore! Come on – inventing a completly new form af ART – isn’t it already enough for this month? So, I decided to use KArt on the things I do anyhow: falling inlove hoplessly, stalking around, again falling in love, falling in love again still beeing in other love, playing with emotions of someone just to find out I again have fallen in love …. you know, simply the normal course of life.

Basicley, this is all new KART and my first works with it “Muras Konfessions” are all about.Here I show you my first work – its still kind of a prototyp: Love lil sis (KArt)

You can buy this lovley piece of finest SL contemprary ART very very cheap in my shop – just 500 L$. Better get it right now before I start with the complete cycle, promoting it heavely and selling the pic’s for thousands of L$ :)))))))

{June 5, 2007}   Linden Holo Desings

It’s right – the range of fashion styles, devoted designers and restless fashion bloggers spreading out the latest design creations to all of us fashion addicts – alone for this I could change my RL into SL right now.

And finally – wonders can come true – in between bugfixing and scripting new, hilarious features the Linden Labs seem to have realized this SL mega trend. That’s the good message. The bad message is: obviously they not only have realized – they seems to contribute to SL fashion designs. Obviously its just a “Beta preview something whatever next tme will be better” version, and I have no idea how I got it by accident, but let me proudly present to you – exclusivley just for your eyes only:

“Mysterious SL Holo Bug Designs”, created by LL:

First time in Lindens new Holo dress

I think you will agree – this is not the way a pink “army babe” outfit should look like. This voodoo style dress amused me the first minute afterI relogged and saw it.

Amusement quickly changed to sheer panic when I realized that nothing could change it: relogging, changing the clothes, what ever you like – always this vodoo texture stayed.

Long time later a friend found a way to get back in normal style – and since than I learned to like my holo outfits that randomly occurs:

Hawain sunset

Isn’t it great how the bug catched the latest of sunset to create this unique Hawaian style top?

But also on the sunny days the bug greatly contributes to my beach outfits:

Lets go to the beach!

You know these days? You just want to hide? Be alone for a while, realxing in nature –  here is the dress for you:

Feel the nature

If you should have experienced amazing new outfits brought to you by Linden design – feel free to IM (Mura Tomsen) or mail (mura.tomsen@ Would love to give more coverage to the latest achievements of Linden Desings ;)

{June 5, 2007}   Big on TV

Yes, it is right: my lovley twins sister Kumi is smaller than me.

No, she isn’t that much smaller so that she would have to look up to me like on this picture:

Looking up

We are just 1 inch apart …… but Kumi loves TV.

And when Kumi loves something – she does it right.

And she loves TV – BIG TV!

Just look how cute it looks seeing here watching TV:

Big on TV

{June 3, 2007}   Hello Fashionistas!

Hello world, hello you all, this is my first blog entry ever, so dont take it as serious. Strange enough, had so many things to start with – well but as always – something diffrent comes up, so let see if I can get it done! Dont worry – wont bother you with boring RL stuff too much – but these words have to be said:

Mura’s spiecy Style Review on boring G8 summit, somewhere in the nowhere of eastern Germany:

To start my first fashionista style comment, I think this message is very important to all of us. No matter if you are an Ava getting stuck in a laggy animation or find yourself back in RL feeling awkward – it happens always, and believe me: Nobody cares. You still can end up in daily top story, as this example shows:

Getting stuck in the movement

But now let’s have a look on some better style examples: Do you see it?

Aren’t we stylish - not everybody, but we?

Yes, I knew you would see it: It is all about the sneakers! You see the black Addidas sneakers with white stripes on the right background – and how cool he looks? See the no-name white sneakers the boring guy with the white jacket standing in the middle wears? Who you believe these really cool looking girl on the left with here olive-green colored jacket is looking at? …

No, it is not all about sneakers? Right you are. It is about picking the right piece – and make it look really good. I am not selling you the Addidas brand – just have a look at a guy who had chosen quite similar looking sneakers – they are not the same. He has chosen a completly outfashinioned, overdone “Retro”-edition – just look how these sneakers worked for him:

wrong sneakers, wrong places

Well, enough for the loosers – here I show you a style that rocks:

OMG – unbelievable.

I counted it: he wears more than 6 different pieces of clothes – all in the same anthracite grey color. The only style highlight he allowed him: the light grey stone. You couldn’t see the stone better even if he dressed up in pink having his stone in neon-green color! What an appareance – no wonder the whole audience rocks as you can see on the pic:

God dive - what for an apperance!

After this style highlight another important lesson:
When you arrive new at a place – it is always difficult to orientate yourself and finally finding the dance ball that really rocks you. Don’t feel ashamed – its the same thing in RL, but when you finally succeed, its worth all the efforts you have taken.

Just look at the pic:

Finally, dance ball was found :)

He might be alone, but he really rocks! Finally he found the dance ball – cleverly tarned as police truck – and now dance ball animates Avatar!
And now another lessons: Some learn it only from the hard side – Shape First, the rest like skin and color will follow!

See him – how strained he tries to put himself with his red jacket into this scene? He is surrounded by red looking things underlining his style: his own hairs, the burning red stool behind him, the red helmet in the left background – what do you think?

I think with a shape looking as ridicoulous like his he could have covered the whole scene in red – still it wouldn’t be a match! His body is half the size of his jacket – may be when ever he comes to SL he should start as a fur…

Colors great, shape zero!

Ok, enough with the loosers

– open your eyes right wide open and look at this!

Ain’t he.. ain’t he.. cuuute?

The perfect match!

You see how lovely the color of his hairs matches with the surrounding color of fire? How nicely he poses? You see his eyes – how much khol he must have used? And his fingers.. not sure if you can see it on this blog.. it looks as if he has polished them! Really, this is “grand cinema”! Of course I would love to see him inworld, and even forgiving him using nail polish! If he stays in style like this, he could talk for hours about his revolution and so on – it wouldn’t bother me!

But now to an other important topic: Peer Pressure!

You feel it, you try to avoid it – but faster than you can look you get stuck.

Just see here:

grey in grey in grey - and you want be loved?

Aren’t they are all dressed nicely in suburban style? Grey in grey? Having fun and dancing all the time? ….

… would you like to join them? Of course not – I dont want to convert to the Army of lover of grey clothes, and obviously the whole crowed in the background dont want it, too!

If one of them would be dressed a bit different – may be they should ask a pink dressed girl to join them – how much bigger this party could grow!

This might sound a bit sarcastic, but my message to you comes deep from my heart: dont let you be overcome by peer pressure – you wont shine, as little as they do on the pic: Better you just follow your way!


And now here we go – The final style finishing: Who’s the winner?

Before we come to the solution, just take this little advertising break:

“Mura’s Spices” – my mission is to spice up your second (art) life – don’t take it easy – I will send you messages you wont forget – in which life however! If you think its just for the fun – just look at this message from me:

Green, the color green – are you crazy to play around with it? It does exist less than SL is real. Its just a mixture of yellow and blue. You don’t believe? Just try out with your watercolors. You will see the problem with green: Even with watercolors you can create nearly every shade of green. But when you mix it – you always have to find a compromise between the dominant yellow and blue color. So, a nicley olive green really is no natural fit with yellow – orange color. Can be, but mostly its not due to the high blue concentration in the olive green. If you ever see a difference between these dominate poles – better run away.

You think I am kidding and you have no idea of what I am talking about:

Look at this!

Boys, colors bites back!

These boys got the message! Just see how the try to run away in their olive green dresses before getting photographed in front of this orange fire! They know how to be in style – so you better should do the same!

— end of ad message: Here the winners are:

No. 1:

Perfect colors

I have talked a lot about peer pressure, but in this moment even me wouldn’t like to be dressed in pink – subtle shades of grey and dark blue match much better to this forceful looking photo shooting location!

… and the second winner – No. 1.1:

Close, so close!

What a shame – they really got the better, even more powerful looking setting. And they all dressed perfectly – same style in grey anthracite, ready to impress.

But sorry, this was The Final, a decision had to be made – blame it on the guy dressed with this really un-appropriate red vest, but failures wont be accepted in RL as well as in SL:

Attac is the winner in Mura’s Spicey Style Contest No. 1!

{June 3, 2007}   Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Stupid WordPress blog – this is NOT my first blog. “Hello Fashionistas” is my very first blog. This blog here was given to me by WordPress.

Blog, shall I delete you for being that stupid?

Do you think I like it that you make every body think this here is my first blog?

Better behave, you silly blog you, I tell you!

et cetera