{June 27, 2007}   Lindens, cant make it work

:)))) Finally back to (Second) Life !


Hope this wont be my last message, but really cant find my way back home to SL. For sure it wont, still I am a optimist!

But if I cant make the update to go back you must know you all impressed me: how well you did here – Cad, your muscles really have grown when housebuildingg (and Saffron, allow him the pictures in your bed room ;) – and all you my other friends! Gosh, soo many names flooding me I never had enough time to be together with: Simba, Lil, Markus, Royalcharm, Peta, Yoko, gosh of course you Marek, nope – that’s by far only just a scratch of all the ones I’m thinking of right now – Regis, same as Secundus, you should really should scratch up your organization…

Thinking of all of you others even much more (Luinq, love to talk to you about Berlin & ballet, Thong – have you finally understood?…)!

So unfair having not enough time for all of you – and when I have, I am cut off from SL. This time it looks really grave – no idea how to make it work again.

Only Joy I have:

You know you are my two dearest friends – if this might be the last view I can get to SL so glad its to see you!

SL blues getting worse

Don’t know any way to send messages inworld – if you see this and have an idea what I can do to come back home – mail mura.tomsen at – dream a lot about you :)


Kumi says:

Hi Sis: :)) Glad you made it back.. Next time you have problems getting on.. e-mail me… Love..

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