{June 27, 2007}   Lindens, are you from out of Hell?

Nope – cant tell you…

Soooo much f…. I am! Again, SL is not working. From time to time its even fun – like being dressed in Holo Designs, or discovering that secret St Andreas cross in our nice neighbours house – simply because whole house is gone due to SL bug. But in general – no! The SL bugs drive me crazy. Gosh – have become sooo much attached to this new world and its wonderful residents…. and some of them are very special to me, making me dream day and night :)

After being cut off from SL for some days all I want is to meet my dearest friends. Again you Lindens had another fancy update. It’s not working – cant find my way home to my friends in SL.

So f…..d I am! Can’t stand it any more: Your great visions on better graphics, voice, age and gender verification, and kicking out all non mature content! All I want you to do is making it work! This world is fine – if you can improve it – the better. But you can’t!

Sooo much annoying it is. Just look by yourself: my PC is telling me new download is not working – may be firewall. HaHa – have killed firewall some reboots ago! SL still doesn’t want to update. Sorry, I am not an IBM or Linux professional to find out a work around. But believe in one thing: I am a Fashionista. And if you come from Linden Lab – in which life ever (Rl would be best!): I will fashion’ize you down to ground – even in toilet you will feel dressed inappropriately! But that’s not what I want – I want to meet my dearest friends – so please, you Lindens, don’t think about fashion, don’t think about fancy not working new ideas – just make SL work again for me!

SL doesnt want to update


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