{June 17, 2007}   Maedcheninternat

— Update: Yes, Maedcheninternat has opend, and deep is over.

Girls Boarding School

This invite is way to cool not to share it with you, even if it’s an RL thing.

If you happen to be in Berlin and are looking for party galore (party, not personal interaction!), this might be the place for you. School uniforms are welcome, but not obligatory. Boys are allowed exceptionally. Music can be expected to be finest of progressive E-music – something in between DJ Hells International Gigolos and Peaches. And on weekends be ready to enter the underground as deep reopens its catacombs.

To get access IM or mail me (mura.tomsen(at)googlemail .com.)

Just for clarification: we wont meet there – inworld ever, outworld never. But if you find your way to maedcheninternat I would love to chat with you how you liked it and maybe how to bring something like this to SL.


murafication says:

Hi, dont mix it up:

deep one day is TODAY (21st june),
the Grand Opening of Maedcheninternat Club is Sat. 23rd June (so what you have seen up to now was kind of “preview”).

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