{June 17, 2007}   Lindens, cleaning up for a brave new world

We all know Linden Lab is doing it’s best in improving and cleaning up Second Live.

After banning gambling and child play, Daniel Linden outlined in his official “Keeping Second Life Safe, Together” post that there is much more work to be done, still.

Thanx, Robin Linden, that you made your point clear during your offical office hours: “When faced with an opportunity to create a new world where things are supposed to be better, do you think there’s a place for slavery, forced sex, and the like?”.

But pleazzze, get ready quickly with all that Gorean communities, BDSM groups, Forced Fantasies and Military Role Plays. And to be on the safe side, I would recommend banning animal looking like avatars (you know – Furries, Nekos, Ponys and all this unnatural kind of things), partnerships between same gender and unmarried sex.

And than, pleazzze, concentrate on further improving SL with new gadgets. The new new gender verification system? Great idea, but why not getting one step further and giving the avatars a real photo realistic look – with real life face for better identification reasons?

Pompo Bombacci gives as a preview to this brave new SL world in his You Tube video:

For the very few of you who aren’t convinced by this outlook – you can sign up the open letter of “United Protest“. 


Lex Grey says:

Great video !!!!

murafication says:

:)) found it pretty convincing, too!

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