OMG – these Texas crowd knows how to make a party rock!

Dozens of art invitations, but only the “Demolition Party” really allured me. They do art, but Texas style. Their art sim didn’t worked the way they liked – guess what they did? Right – they blew it up – down to ground. Very good art – “creative destruction” style… naive lil Mura had nooo idea what they really where up to!

When party started – 6:30 pm PDT sharply – mysterious SL Holo bug designs hit me again. Harsh style switch from “army babe outfit” to been covered in the design of the invitation card, I felt really pissed.

Being invited

All friends had a good laugh! 30 sec later a massage appeared “sim will restart in 2 min” – so I left my friends and tp to the party – just because it was the next tp I had in reach. Guess what? Nothing! At party, nobody was. trying to tp back – no way.

Demolition designs - even pics are shaken

All friends disappeared from friends list or didn’t get my IM’s. SL was completely on restarting and I felt like its only resident being stuck and lost – enough time for nice modelling photo shooting as my dress matched perfectly with the place. I fact, I felt bad – I was sooo much dressed to impress – nobody could oversee how perfectly my outfit matched the place – but there was nobody to see it.

Finally IM’s got through, I managed to tp home just to see the demolition the Texas artist had promised: Impressing. At home – all furniture had gone. I went out…

terrace has gone…

ups, quite bad – we have a sky box with “no fly” activated…

after falling down several 100’s meters, I saw the demolition promised: most houses gone – you won’t believe what our kind neighbours have in their homes! Won’t tell you who had this St Andreas Cross – and about the other toys ;)

Next time Texas artist invite you to a party: Join, but be ready for what ever might come – they are just peforming art :)


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