Nope, fun it wasn’t – not finding a way to enter into SL because the update didn’t work.

All seems to be fine for now… until next update may be?

Brian, thanx for your inspiration, I do the same: As a reward that SL is working again I remove one pin from my Lil Linden Voodoo Doll, but I’ll keep it handy and in close reach :))

Lil Linden Voodoo Doll


{June 27, 2007}   Lindens, cant make it work

:)))) Finally back to (Second) Life !


Hope this wont be my last message, but really cant find my way back home to SL. For sure it wont, still I am a optimist!

But if I cant make the update to go back you must know you all impressed me: how well you did here – Cad, your muscles really have grown when housebuildingg (and Saffron, allow him the pictures in your bed room ;) – and all you my other friends! Gosh, soo many names flooding me I never had enough time to be together with: Simba, Lil, Markus, Royalcharm, Peta, Yoko, gosh of course you Marek, nope – that’s by far only just a scratch of all the ones I’m thinking of right now – Regis, same as Secundus, you should really should scratch up your organization…

Thinking of all of you others even much more (Luinq, love to talk to you about Berlin & ballet, Thong – have you finally understood?…)!

So unfair having not enough time for all of you – and when I have, I am cut off from SL. This time it looks really grave – no idea how to make it work again.

Only Joy I have:

You know you are my two dearest friends – if this might be the last view I can get to SL so glad its to see you!

SL blues getting worse

Don’t know any way to send messages inworld – if you see this and have an idea what I can do to come back home – mail mura.tomsen at – dream a lot about you :)

Nope – cant tell you…

Soooo much f…. I am! Again, SL is not working. From time to time its even fun – like being dressed in Holo Designs, or discovering that secret St Andreas cross in our nice neighbours house – simply because whole house is gone due to SL bug. But in general – no! The SL bugs drive me crazy. Gosh – have become sooo much attached to this new world and its wonderful residents…. and some of them are very special to me, making me dream day and night :)

After being cut off from SL for some days all I want is to meet my dearest friends. Again you Lindens had another fancy update. It’s not working – cant find my way home to my friends in SL.

So f…..d I am! Can’t stand it any more: Your great visions on better graphics, voice, age and gender verification, and kicking out all non mature content! All I want you to do is making it work! This world is fine – if you can improve it – the better. But you can’t!

Sooo much annoying it is. Just look by yourself: my PC is telling me new download is not working – may be firewall. HaHa – have killed firewall some reboots ago! SL still doesn’t want to update. Sorry, I am not an IBM or Linux professional to find out a work around. But believe in one thing: I am a Fashionista. And if you come from Linden Lab – in which life ever (Rl would be best!): I will fashion’ize you down to ground – even in toilet you will feel dressed inappropriately! But that’s not what I want – I want to meet my dearest friends – so please, you Lindens, don’t think about fashion, don’t think about fancy not working new ideas – just make SL work again for me!

SL doesnt want to update

{June 27, 2007}   Muras Musts No. 1

Hello fashionistas, here with I declare as a MUST HAVE:

A tie!

Not for you, boys – if you don’t already have a tie in your inventory I suggest you log out, delete your sl account, enter into world of warcraft and you will be better of playing silly war games with your funny looking Orc companions :D

No, this time tie’s are for us, ladies!

Yieek you think?

Me too, not long time ago. Of cause you will have noticed some rl Celebes with ties. You might have red about them earlier in music than in fashion magazines. I always thought “Yieek – nothing for me”. But now they are sneaking into the shelf’s of these little independents fashion label shops where you see dresses you never buy – just to find out that in some months the big fashion shops are crowded with look-a-likes.

On Friday I saw the first tie for girls in sl. Next day I bought the whole outfit just to get that tie. Next evening at a rl concert I spotted again a girls tie – and it was a boy dressing this pinkish tie! You know, one of these feminized looking types like Marilyn Mansion or Tokyo Hotel. I thought: Oooh no, even before this emerges into a big fashion trend the boys are there to take over this trend– really can’t be! So, girlz, don’t let it happen – this trend is for us!

If you would have asked me even a month ago what I think about girls ties – I just would have said “Yieek!”. Now I think it will become a must have in which life ever. And if you think this is a freaky idea I am having – just have a look at the cover photo of the current Style Girl, Dakota Buck, I just discovered the next day:
Style Girl Dakota Buck

I always thought there must be a place like this.

And yes, I finally found it: The Bar of Broken Hearts!

At the moment, it is a secrete and inaccessible place for you – still there are soo many stories to be told in private.

But when done I will invite you heartly to open your broken heart at this magic place – hope we dont need a waiting list ;)

Bar of Broken Hearts

{June 23, 2007}   Moody back from space

Friends have shown me an article in an italian lifestyle magazine. Yes, it is true: Women have better sex in space! While men seem to encounter some “mechanical” problems (guess you know what I am talking about ;) for women the level of hormons gets up wildly – with all side effects :)

So be prepared next time when Moody comes back from space. And boys, non of your lame excuses about “mechanical or mental difficulties” will help you when Moody comes that close to you like on the picture: She can unzip her fancy space suit faster than you can run!

Moody back from space

{June 17, 2007}   KArt, update

I knew it would happen – but just see by yourself:


Yes, now I got it all.

Everything to be discussed has been said.

And finally, I have been awared to be a Kromosapien – by Lee himself!

Guess KArt is ready for lift off – just give me a little more time for sketching and expertimenting.

{June 17, 2007}   Maedcheninternat

— Update: Yes, Maedcheninternat has opend, and deep is over.

Girls Boarding School

This invite is way to cool not to share it with you, even if it’s an RL thing.

If you happen to be in Berlin and are looking for party galore (party, not personal interaction!), this might be the place for you. School uniforms are welcome, but not obligatory. Boys are allowed exceptionally. Music can be expected to be finest of progressive E-music – something in between DJ Hells International Gigolos and Peaches. And on weekends be ready to enter the underground as deep reopens its catacombs.

To get access IM or mail me (mura.tomsen(at)googlemail .com.)

Just for clarification: we wont meet there – inworld ever, outworld never. But if you find your way to maedcheninternat I would love to chat with you how you liked it and maybe how to bring something like this to SL.

We all know Linden Lab is doing it’s best in improving and cleaning up Second Live.

After banning gambling and child play, Daniel Linden outlined in his official “Keeping Second Life Safe, Together” post that there is much more work to be done, still.

Thanx, Robin Linden, that you made your point clear during your offical office hours: “When faced with an opportunity to create a new world where things are supposed to be better, do you think there’s a place for slavery, forced sex, and the like?”.

But pleazzze, get ready quickly with all that Gorean communities, BDSM groups, Forced Fantasies and Military Role Plays. And to be on the safe side, I would recommend banning animal looking like avatars (you know – Furries, Nekos, Ponys and all this unnatural kind of things), partnerships between same gender and unmarried sex.

And than, pleazzze, concentrate on further improving SL with new gadgets. The new new gender verification system? Great idea, but why not getting one step further and giving the avatars a real photo realistic look – with real life face for better identification reasons?

Pompo Bombacci gives as a preview to this brave new SL world in his You Tube video:

For the very few of you who aren’t convinced by this outlook – you can sign up the open letter of “United Protest“. 

{June 14, 2007}   SL Holo designs, update

Guess the people from AvaStar seemed to be impressed about the mysterious Holo bug designs.

At least they didnt take time to answer my inquiry if this might be a story – no, for them it was clear that it’s a story,  so they directly published the mail!

If you dont believe how easily you can become a media star, just have a look:

Fashion Bug - now published

et cetera